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If you would like to reserve a motorcoach, we would need the name, address, phone number, and email of the person in charge to create the contract, if other than yourself to create the contract.



Complete the Online Quote Form and press submit. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can also call Universal Bus Service, LLC Office directly at Tel: (301) 957-4785 and submit a request for your charter quote over the telephone.


Departure & Destination

Please make note of your charter departure and destination address. Departure and return dates and times should be noted and any places in between on route to your destination. A total head count of your passengers are needed.



Make sure you review your charter order (or contract) to assure everything is in order with all the specifics of your trip including vehicle type, additional equipment and total charges. Provide Universal Bus Service, LLC with any additional information.



Any changes you may have must be commincated before departure of your trip ensure that the driver can legally follow your change request.



Responsibilities for group leader:

Make sure group is orderly to keep them from potential harm to themselves or damage to vehicle/equipment.

Passengers should not sit on arm rests, stand on seats or lean backwards over a seat.

Motorcoach should be kept clean.

Passengers should not sit on arm rests, stand on seats or lean backwards over a seat.



No more than (1) person should be allowed to stand at a time while the vehicle is moving. When making stops and getting off, make sure that everyone is aboard and inform the driver when the group is ready for departure.


Driver Responsibility

The Bus driver is not responsible for disciplining or attending to any member of your group. Driver’s job is safety of the vehicle and its passengers. If you need to speak to the driver, be sure to stay behind the white line and try to wait for a safe opportunity.



Upon your return, group leader should check the bus for cleanliness, damage, and forgotten items.


Follow Up

Let us know how your trip went. We encourage feedback to better serve you and others in the future. Any problems should be presented right away to diffuse the situation. Let us know if your trip was pleasurable and successful too, it makes us feel great!